In Loving Memory of Isabel

There were only 2 of us in the car today travelling home from Camp. Hope and I had a quiet ride. Isabel wasn’t with us and she won’t be with us anymore. At the age of almost 13 years old and having had to deal with diabetes for the past 2 years, Isabel crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday, May 21st. Isabel was a 12-year Camper and was loved by many Tanamakoon Campers and Staff. She was our pet, our love, our friend, our dog! Emery called her “Izzybell” and asked for her every time she came to our house. She was the kindest, sweetest little girl.

She never growled once in her life and only barked when she wanted to come in from outside. Isabel wagged her tail anytime anyone patted her or picked her up. She was a favorite at many Vet Clinics she visited. In short, Isabel was the easiest dog in the world to love. All the Smith family loved her as unconditionally as she loved us. The bond we had was one of the great joys of our lives. Isabel is gone, but that bond will never be broken.

- Kim


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