Muriel Hall


In Memory of Muriel Hall

At the age of 103, Muriel Hall passed away the day following Easter. Muriel worked at Tanamakoon for 39 years. Her first summer in the kitchen, there was no hydro, no freezer and certainly no dishwasher. How many of us have ever heard of an “icehouse”?!

Muriel moved to Toronto in the 1950’s but returned to Tanamakoon in 1960. By that time Ralph and Elizabeth Raymer had purchased the camp from Mary Hamilton and Muriel’s time at Tanamakoon had barely begun!

Muriel worked during the summer seasons for Raymers, then for Carolea and Hugh Butters. We were fortunate to have her at Camp with us in a full-time capacity for almost 20 years. Muriel would take great pride in being one of the first to arrive in early May and the last to leave in mid-October. She would open and clean cabins in the spring, washed floors and made sure all of the staff bedding was clean and ready for the new season. Muriel hung all the curtains in the Lodge, curtains that she had carefully washed and put away in the previous fall.

In the summer, it was always heavy kitchen work. Muriel peeled vegetables, washed pots and pans and carefully did the kitchen laundry. At a camp where female role models are central to what we do, Muriel was just that for countless numbers of young women and men who worked in our kitchen. Her strength, , her independence and her gently manner was loved by us all.

It would be about this time of year I would call her and ask her if she was ready to come to camp and when would be a good day to pick her up at her little house in Huntsville. She would be ready. Patti would arrange to get her and another season at Tanamakoon was underway.

Muriel watched several generations of campers grow up at Tanamakoon. She also watched three generations of Camp Directors children grow up. Muriel always inquired about our children and what they were up to. She never missed sending her Christmas cards.

Tanamakoon has lost one of its longest serving staff members, a gentle, soft spoken, hardworking, and loving lady who meant so much to so many for many decades.

Kim, Marilyn, Laura, and Patti

April 23, 2022


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