Tanamakoon Uniform
At Tanamakoon girls look forward to putting on their green shorts and tan t-shirts each day! Wearing a camp uniform connects the girls to history, traditions, and a summer of fun and friendship! Uniforms help create a sense of community, keep the focus on camp and they let kids just be kids! We love that our camp uniform helps create a positive community atmosphere at Tanamakoon!
Campers wear uniform colours during the day until 4pm. They may wear ANY green shorts and ANY ivory or tan coloured t-shirt. You may purchase these wherever you like. If you would like to purchase any of the official Tanamakoon uniforms then just head on over to the new online store!

Tanamakoon Clothing


At Tanamakoon girls ages 4 - 6 can have their first overnight camp experience for 3 days in early or late summer.

Outdoor Ed

The Tanamakoon Outdoor Centre has operated for 27 years, for co-ed school groups mid May to mid June and the last two weeks of September.

Adult Programs

Spend quality time in Algonquin Park with opportunities to share a variety of experiences with like minded, interesting people from fifty five years onward.