In commemoration of our 75th Anniversary We have produced a Tanamakoon Video and Camp Song CD with a selection of songs from our Tanamakoon song book.

Sample songs:

Tune: Barges
Play Cedar Green Canoe (1.8MB)

Tanamakoon, of the cedar green canoe,
We are proud to be a part of you
Tanamakoon with your colours tan and green,
Standing for your future's high ideals.

Tanamakoon living ever by its name
Hail all ye fellow men well met.
Ever striving hard to do our best
In all we learn and gain each day.

Tanamakoon, of the cedar green canoe
We are proud to be a part of you
Tanamakoon, with your colours tan and green
Standing for your future's high ideals.

cdCD $12.00

Tune: 75th Anniversary Song)
Play 75th Anniversary (3.3MB)

The past is our strength
And the future our destiny
Young hearts connected by dreams
Weaving our Friendships, our values, our heritage Children
of Tanamakoon

The heart of the north land is home,
Decades of campers gone by
A legacy built and the story's unfolding
The pages keep turning in time

Long may this dream stay alive
A vision seen so long ago
Of a place where a girl can be all that she wants to be
Where we will never grow old.

Counselors of 1998

Tune: All Through the Night

When I saw thee in the twilight,
Softly welcome guests by firelight,
Then my heart went out to meet thee
And my hand stretched forth to greet thee,
By thy peace thou didst defeat me,

Children camp within thy borders,
Strife is absent and disorders,
Peace and plenty, children's pleasure,
Friendship's secrets, life's deep treasure,
All are found in thee, with leisure,

May thy light burn bright and steady,
May thy daughters find thee ready
May the peace of God enfold thee,
May the grace of God uphold thee,
And may joys untold be to thee,

Words by Mr. Emlyn Davies

Algonquin Park Centennial Song
Tune: Candle on the Water

This is our heritage Algonquin
100 years that bind us strong
A tapestry of people sharing in the beauty
Time is weaving magic over all.
The ragged shorelines lie unaltered
The lakes and rivers carved through endless years
The mighty forests stand before us
Reaching to the sun cherished by the young

As young and old share timeless treasures
A camper's spirit always burns within
Of all the memories shared together
Through our joys and tears
For 100 years

This is our heritage Algonquin
100 years that bind us strong
As year go by together
In our hearts forever
Children of tomorrow
They will show
As sure as rivers flow
They'll never let you go.

Counselor of 1993


At Tanamakoon girls ages 4 - 6 can have their first overnight camp experience for 3 days in early or late summer.

Outdoor Ed

The Tanamakoon Outdoor Centre has operated for 27 years, for co-ed school groups mid May to mid June and the last two weeks of September.

Adult Programs

Spend quality time in Algonquin Park with opportunities to share a variety of experiences with like minded, interesting people from fifty five years onward.